Trying to simplify a decision making process thru the lens of simple #dinomobi dialogue, this short article is about the combination of a curious and open mind that helps make a case.

And yet, the plunge may not happen.

I take the case of a ONE proven strategy of #customerexperience, called “Premium Loyalty” and wonder what is holding it back from being adopted?

What’s amiss?

#leadership #mindset #culture

“When is someone really ready to take the plunge?” (By the way, that’s me diving and jumping in those pictures…)
It depends on how one makes decisions!
1. Personal Convictions: I am fully convinced that I can do it. There is no precedence. I have debated, analyzed, imagined and simulated.
2. Via an Inspiration: I have seen this happen, a successful example in a familiar setup. And it makes sense. It will work for me.
For both, there is a need for two minds:
A curious mind and an open mind.
Former would have many questions and latter would have an appetite for the uncomfortable answers
Then why sometimes, some obvious things are not even up for a dekko?

Consider Premium Loyalty – It is a solid #customer experience strategy. Business world is rife with examples where Premium Loyalty has delivered on stated business objectives. And enough literature is out there on “How To”. The premise has been converted to clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Indicative Business Rules have been created, Software has been created to deliver the program, capture, measure and improve these metrics. If you want to know more, here is a short primer
Oh, and verified numbers are floating too.

And still, what is happening in the decision rooms? #dinomobi
Couldn’t stop myself from giving you all a sneak peak…

Veiled Spoiler: Hard hitting insight on the subject comes from Dino in the 4th Panel. Don’t miss that! 😉

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