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PeopleTree Education Society

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We Contribute to the intellectual capital and be a part of India’s inclusive growth story.

Our Mission

We inculcate in our students the ethos of scientific inquiry and prepare them to be humane world citizens.

Global Perspective

It is an undisputed fact that computer literacy has become indispensable in 21st century.The world today needs a huge pool of humane capital with computer skills in both hardware and software.To meet this requirement PeopleTree Education Society makes education an active and participatory learning.Our modules other than the University curriculum will contribute towards students’ intellectual,practical and ethical preparation fir life in a complex and fast changing world.It imbibes

1. Knowledge and understanding of IT Era.
2. Cognitive,Social and Practical Skill to attain Competitive advantages over others.
3. Right Values and Attitudes to become a global Citizen.
4. An understanding of the impact of standing up for our own rights and our responsibility to respect the right of others.
5. An understanding of the ways in which we can meet our current needs without diminishing the quality of the environment or reducing the capacity of future generation to meet their own needs.
6. An opportunity to develop positive and responsible values and attitude,important skills and an orientation to active participation.

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Peopletree Education Society
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