Industry Aligned Courses
Education 4.0 is the Latest Trend in the Education field.
Broadly speaking, education 4.0 is a school of thought that encourages non-traditional
thinking when it comes to imparting education. Education 4.0 or the future of education
as many call it, will change the teaching-learning methodologies to make the
students future-ready. It is time to witness this change and inculcate it in our lives so that
we can move towards a progressive, intellectual, knowledge-driven and future-ready
Education 4.0 was developed as a response to Industry 4.0 that saw a marked increase in
the use of internet-based technology and communication tools across industries. Many
other industries responded to this change in the way of doing business, resulting in
Healthcare 4.0, Technology 4.0, etc. The educational ecosystem was no different.
Education 4.0 is developed as a response to Industry 4.0, in order to create training,
qualified professionals who are ready for a highly globalized and digital-driven world of
Education 4.0 is a more realistic and practical learning method, which can produce
excellent results for student learning. Maintaining a changing world is important and
Education 4.0 is the method used by educational institutions to ensure this.

“Education 4.0” is my vision for the future of education, which
➢ Responds to the needs of “Industry 4.0” or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where
man and machine align to enable new possibilities
➢ Harnesses the potential of Digital Technologies, personalized data, open-sourced
content, and the new humanity of this globally-connected, technology-fueled
➢ Establishes a blueprint for the future of learning – lifelong learning – from
childhood schooling, to continuous learning in the workplace, to learning to play a
better role in society.

The objective of Education 4.0:
1. Bridge the gap between Academics & Industry
2. Digital Campus
3. Student Journey
4. Alumni Engagement
5. Compliance & Accreditation
6. Flexible Learning
7. Industry Ready Student
8. Promote Entrepreneurship
9. 100% Employability
PeopleTree Education Society is the First College in Belagavi to introduce Education 4.0
to offer Industry Aligned Courses. The Course is truly designed and delivered the way
industry experts. PeopleTree Education Society has been awarded as the Best Use of
Technology in Teaching-Learning awarded by E-India Awards.
The application of technology for even non-technical courses is our differentiator.
➢ PUC Commerce + Google Suit
➢ BCA + Machine Learning, Data Science, Full Stack Developer (Corporate BCA)
➢ BBA+ Business Analytics, Family Business Management, Hospitality Management
(Corporate BBA)
➢ BCOM + Tally ERP 9, Banking Management, Investor Market (Corporate BCOM)
➢ Institute of Hotel Management + Soft Skills, Personality Development, Industry


In 20 years, students will incorporate so much independence in to their learning process,
that mentoring will become fundamental to student success. Teachers will form a central
point in the jungle of information that our students will be paving their way through.
Though the future of education seems remote, the teacher and educational institution
are vital to academic performance.
Digitization and virtualization in education are motivating, inspiring and potentially broad
challenges for individuals and societies. Smart and intelligent educational tools and
resources should allow individuals to develop more complete expertise, knowledge and
skills and unleash their innovative prospective.
Indeed, many of the changes underway call to mind the evocative words of Irish poet
William Butler Yeats says that, “Education is not to fill the bucket, but to ignite it.”
To be successful in the workplace of the future, people must have appropriate digital and
virtual education. At school, university, or at work – the ever-changing digital landscape is
making IT skills increasingly important and effective.

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