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To meet this requirement PeopleTree Education Society makes education an active and participatory learning. Other than the University curriculum, our study modules will contribute towards students’ intellectual, practical and ethical preparation for life in a complex, highly competitive and fast changing world.

PeopleTree Education Society’s

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Our Vision

We Contribute to the intellectual capital and be a part of India’s inclusive growth story.

Our Mission

We inculcate in our students the ethos of scientific inquiry and prepare them to be humane world citizens.

Global Perspective

The world today needs a huge pool of humane capital with computer skills in both hardware and software

Our Achievements

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Success Stories

PTES Successful Students in the Corporate World

I got to know about PTES through one of my friends,Vinit who had joined the college. He suggested that I join the college, as it was the only college which was admitting students without donation. And for people who had scored very low marks with least percentage. I was one amongst them who scored 42.83 % in 2nd PUC in the 2nd attempt.

Sangeeta Patil

(BCA 2012-2013)

I saw add and visited PeopleTree. I felt like joining because the course was explained to me in a best possible professional way. I liked the communication training which PeopleTree gave in the first year of our college. I really learnt a lot from that. It improved my skills a lot. Made me a professional person.

Pavan Meharwade

(BCA 2012 -2013)

I am so much excited and it gives me immense pleasure to tell my success story which only got possible with the help of PTES. Actually the funny thing was how I got admitted in PeopleTree. As I had come to this campus to take Admission for BBA but I suddenly entered in to the PeopleTree campus assuming this will be the Samiti BBA college

Basavant Kutre

(BCA 2010 -2011)

An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest

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